why my website is not ranking

Why my website is not ranking on Google

Why my website is not ranking on Google

Getting first page rank on Google is a tricky thing, you need to consider many factors if you want to score big in terms of ranking. You may have the best-looking website but if you neglect any of the following reasons you may not get high ranks on the Google search engines.

Below are the major factors why your website is not ranking:

  1. Competitors

Some industries are more crowded than others and your competitors may have more marketing and financial resources. So what you need to do is to work smartly if you want to take your business to the next level, include more specific keywords like best digital marketing institute in Delhi etc. If you use specific keywords you can get ahead millions of websites that are looking for the same ranks.

  1. You Don’t Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Since the mobile usage is very high you need to have a mobile-friendly website make sure that the user doesn’t get irritated from repeatedly pinching in and out. Your ranking will depend on the fact that how much responsive website you have.

  1. Meta Tags

meta tag

If you have not optimized your Meta tags this can drop your ranking more badly than you have anticipated. Search engines rank your website after processing the Meta tags of your content as that help them more to understand what your website is about.

  1. Not getting indexed by Google

Indexing of your website is done automatically by the search engine after 2 to 3 weeks of launching. You can check whether your website is indexed just type your website name without using any prefix on Google. You can also manually index your website by providing your sitemap to Google Search Engine.

  1. Poor Content Optimization

If you have not optimized your content properly for Google to evaluate your content you may never rank. Use Meta tags and use related keywords so that you can go up the ranks more swiftly.

  1. Missing Quality in Content

Your competitors may provide $1000 for marketing and advertisement but you can make the difference if you have the quality content to offer. It comes down to that how good you can be in the way offering the information and that will be the primary factor to decide your ranking even if you hit the top to maintain it.

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  1. No Social Media Activity

If your website doesn’t use social media it will send the wrong message of credibility among your visitors. Also, make sure that you get enough searches on social media since that will provide you a quick advertisement if people like it.

  1. Not having good quality Back Links

The search engine will take it to count how many backlinks you have on your webpage. The quality and volume of your backlinks are the two signs of how trustworthy your website is. Make sure you have good quality backlinks as the quality is the top priority of the engine.

  1. You are hit by a Manual or Algorithm Penalty

Google keeps changing its algorithm so, if your website gets hit by it you will not be given any information you need to check it manually. But for the manual penalties, you will get notified and make sure that you take quick actions as the manual penalty may block the traffic to the website.


  1. Poor Load Speed of the Page

Make sure that your page is optimized in terms of advertisement placement, don’t have a bulky theme and lastly check the hosting speed of your server.


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