Who is Sagar Rastogi

Sagar Rastogi

Hey there!! This is Sagar Rastogi from Delhi. Welcome to my World! I am glad that you checked out my About page. Sagar Rastogi is a passionate digital marketer, entrepreneur, digital and social media marketing consultant, trainer, a speaker with a Qualified Degree in Digital Marketing from the Delhi School of Internet Marketing. Sagar started his career at the age of 17 as an SMO executive and carries more than 7 years of Industrial experience. He has trained over 100+ professionals from several esteemed organizations. He has been in the digital marketing industry since 2014. Sagar is born with socializing skills which he strengthens and revitalizes every second, With passion!

He has launched a Free Digital Marketing Course to help people to learn digital marketing. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to learn the latest stuff in digital marketing.

I think that’s enough to know who is Sagar Rastogi…Come to the long story below!!!

Long Story About Sagar Rastogi

If we are talking about the full life story of Sagar Rastogi, I would like to start with his family. Sagar belongs to a small middle-class family, his father (Mr. Sushil Kumar) has his own occupation (General Store), and his mother is a housewife, and they are two siblings.

After his academic education, Sagar joined the open college at Delhi University in 2014. He is from a Commerce background that’s why he has chosen B.com along with the CA course as per his cousin’s brother’s suggestion but he couldn’t be successful in his path because not everyone can plan their future and drive their lives as they want to.

We plan something but life has other perspectives for us. He got into the field of digital marketing by accident. It was not planned. Still, he is happy where He is today.

He started His career with his first internship in E-commerce in 2015. He was delighted when he got a job offer for 1.80 Lakh per annum from a well-known company because at that time he wasn’t graduated, and he has started earning. At that time getting 15k as a salary is not a small thing to happen, especially for a learner.

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