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Facts you should know about the future of digital marketing in 2020

Facts you should know about the future of digital marketing in 2020

Digital Marketing is becoming so popular nowadays because it can reach more audience at a time. There is everything new which is coming up each day and more people get attracted to it. To be a specialist in digitization, you have to focus to make your brand popular by marketing campaigns. You can use digital channels like email, website, mobile or social media to give information about their brands. You can also use content marketing and big data to make your website even better. People nowadays have more access to the internet than any channels which makes it more necessary for advertisers to focus on digital marketing. More than 66% of the people in our nation are totally influenced by digital media.  Organizations should improve their digital marketing to ensure marketing, sales, product development, CRM and research are on point. Many organizations have also increased their digital marketing budgets by 38% and spend 60% of the time in digital marketing activities. By 2020, digital marketing is going to change drastically and become the best way to interact with customers and let us see how.

The future of digital marketing in 2020

  • The websites can change on the basis of who you are and what are you seeking
    Doesn’t that seem absolutely amazing? You visit a website and you find it completely changing just to meet your needs. It is not designed for everyone but for everyone’s personal needs. Personalized websites will become hugely popular in the future. There will be many factors like visitor’s cookies, time spend on the websites which will be taken care of. If the visitor is interested in hiking and another outdoorsman liking, he will show such information rather than office related information. The reason for such change is evident because if a website is providing you with what you like, you will likely spend more time on it. Make sure that your website has featured many personas and your website should understand which category the person belongs to. The interests of the people should be understood in order to fulfill their goals.


  • Stock Photos will become a hindrance
    The more original and richer content your website has, the more it will be preferred by Google. If your webpage is found to have the same content as other web page present already, your web page will be penalized and you will appear later in Google search ranking. Google might expand this to images as well by 2020. The SEO will look for original images and the websites providing so will have the higher rank in Google. Google’s Guide to Material Design says to stay away from any kind of photographs which are stock.

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  • The only page will be shown in the search results
    When you search something on Google, how many times have you moved to 2nd, 3rd or the 20th page? Never. We always stick to the first page and that too the first 5-6 websites. Google might stop serving many search engine result pages (SERPs) and there will be only one page. This can be implemented on mobile users initially and later will become valid for everyone.

We have shared the predictions which are likely to be true by 2020. So, boost up and prepare your website according to it!

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