Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Facebook Page Active and Engaging

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Facebook Page Active and Engaging

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Facebook Page Active and Engaging

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Facebook Page Active and Engaging

Facebook is certainly one of the hottest and the trendiest sites of social media nowadays. And why not?

It is one of the best sites to display content and make a name famous on the Internet. If somebody had told you before that the hold of Facebook would be so strong one day, you probably wouldn’t have believed them.

But today, thousands of people have their businesses running due to Facebook, and it is certainly a major player in the social media world.

But with the increase of Facebook users, the number of contents on the site has also gone up. With the increasing number of contents, competition is also gaining a certain height. Sure, you post something on your page, but getting the desired number of likes, shares and comments is not exactly an easy thing.


When you put a status or a post on your Facebook page, you obviously want it to get noticed and get the maximum number of likes and shares. But sometimes it so happens that you don’t get the desired number of fans that you want. Well, the problem might not be the content but how you portray it. Here are some ways by which you can make your Facebook page active and increase your fan engagement.


1. Post When It’s the Right Time

Post When It’s the Right Time

It is seen that most people post during the daytime when people use Facebook more. But the most posts that get the followers are the ones posted during the night. It is because during the night there are lesser posts made and it is easy for people to look at your posts rather than just skim through them.


2. Keep the Contents That Your Fans Are Interested In

Keep The Contents That Your Fans Are Interested In

To increase your page popularity, you have to get the content that your fans want to see. Just because you are in a certain industry, that doesn’t mean that your content has to be related to that field only. Keep user-friendly and interesting content, and your page popularity will go swooshing high.


3. Use Photographs

Use Photographs

Images and photographs are one of the major contents of Facebook pages. People seem to be more drawn towards the idea of photographs in different posts. So to increase your page engagement, keep photos in your posts.


4. Interact with Your Fans

Interact with Your Fans facebook

Why would anyone even comment or like your page if you are absent when it comes to replying them. The top rule for Facebook is, never ignore your followers. Strike a conversation with them and keep them engaged by replying to their comments. A little appreciation can do a lot.


5. Shorten The Posts

Shorten The Posts

Let’s be clear about one thing. It’s Facebook, not a company blog. So it is not necessary that you put essays and long blogs on your page. Nobody has the time to read such long posts. Keep the content short and entertaining to engage more viewers.

Keeping your Facebook page active and engaged can be an intimidating task when you don’t have the right kind of tactics. Do try the ones mentioned above and see the results improve for your page.

Sagar Rastogi

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