how to become content writer with no experience

How To Become Content Writer With No Experience?


Content writing is the art of writing specific content for a website that may drive tariff to it. This type of writing needs sensible writing and language skills. Content writing could also be any reasonably writing that’s browsed on the net like website writing, SEO copywriting, SEO writing and blogging, etc. The piece of writing should be authentic with no explicit format however the fashion/style counts loads.

The content should be informative that adds to the information of the viewer that demands application and deep information which could solely be gained by expertise. A content author, perhaps someone with sensible learning skills United Nations agency will get an honest grip on the factor he or she is describing.

He should be straightforward and epigrammatic in his writing with a goal set to induce folks to browse. Content writing like many alternative varieties of writing needs thoroughgoing information and nice talent. to realize success for a piece of writing, the written content should be original and valuable.

what is content writing?

What Is a Content Writer?

Being a content author involves quite simply decent writing skills. Content writers should have the flexibility to indicate any piece of information into one thing comestible and attention-grabbing for the audience.

Furthermore, a content author is guilty of making a written copy for your blog posts, Social Media account, Newsletter, White paper, e-book, or maybe book. Something that involves the word for selling functions likely to represent the real of content writing. The role might be a region of a selling team, however specifically guilty of bobbing up with artistic and compelling stories for the audience

What Will a Content Writer Do?

A content writer’s goal is to urge the audience to want a chance on a specific product by making the purpose and price around the product complete. They’re crucial in turning curious guests into loyal customers by pushing out first-rate content. Oftentimes, the foremost effective outcome is to possess search engines to rank your content as among the best results once an internet user searches for a keyword.

In essence, content writers produce, manage and distribute content and certify that their content is optimized for search engines therefore on drive traffic to the placement. Most importantly, a content author should determine a customer’s downside associated resolve it with an answer/solution.

how should i start content writing?

Eligibility Criteria For Being a Content Writer?

This outlines the required and most well-liked skills for the position of content writing. This may embrace education, previous job expertise, certifications, and technical skills. You’ll additionally like soft skills and temperament traits merely that you just simply expect from a successful candidate. Whereas it ought to be tempting to include an associate extended list of skills and needs, together with several might counsel qualified candidates from applying. Keep your list of qualifications epigrammatic, however, offer enough detail with relevant keywords and terms.


  • Bachelor’s degree in English journalism or connected fields.
  • Knowledge of digital marketing tactics together with SEO, email selling, and network analytics.
  • Wonderful writing skills similarly because of the ability to talk and collaborate effectively.
  • The power to systematically meet tight deadlines.
  • At least 3 years of expertise writing for a B2B audience.
  • Expertise exploitation WordPress, Weebly, and or/and Joomla are most well-liked.
  • How might I become a content author in India?

How could i become content writer in india?

How To Become a Content Writer In India?

Content writing might be a skill-based career. A high-quality or specialized degree or course in the sphere isn’t needed. Counselled degree for this profession is Bachelors in Journalism, English or Mass Communication. There are 3 ways or methods to follow to become a content writer.


  • School: category twelfth with any stream.
  • Graduation: In any discipline and attend a specialized course in content writing.
  • School: category twelfth with any stream.
  • Graduation: In literature for 3 years.
  • Post-Graduation: In English or mass communication and Journalism for 2 years.
  • School: category twelfth with any stream.
  • Graduation: In Mass communication and Journalism for 3 years.
  • Post-Graduation: In English or Mass communication and Journalism for 2 years.

There is no such path or journey to follow for a beginner, for this reason, it typically will be be often tough for them to know what path to require. However, there are some solid steps a beginner will confirm however he or she may move to become an associate professional Content author.

what qualification i require?

Courses And Certification For Content Writer?

If you’re serious about giving content writing a go, you’ll notice that short courses and certifications add to your skills and provides the express tips regarding what works best in the digital world. Courses in SEO content announcement, creative writing, Business writing, Editorial writing, Report and analysis writing, tutorial style, Ghost writing, and Copywriting are some courses merely that you just simply might expect to hunt out what interests you the foremost.

There are styles of courses on the market in Asian countries and abroad that are each online and offline-


  • TBS The complete Salon, Mumbai.
  • II EDM, Mumbai.
  • Content Knockout, Bangalore.
  • Invented, Bangalore.
  • Digital Academy 360, Bangalore.
  • Leads Academy, Multiple Locations.
  • Udemy Content Writing Course, (online).

what are the job opportunities in content writer?

Scope And Jobs Of Content Writing In India?

Content Writers are employed each as full-time writers and freelance writers, with MNCs, start-ups, establishments, and even by people.

Some career opportunities on the market in Asian countries and abroad are.

  • Content Creators/Developers.
  • Content Strategist/Content Manager.
  • SEO Content Writers Jobs.
  • Copywriters.
  • Proof-readers.
  • Editor.
  • Complete Journalists.
  • Blogger.
  • Social Media Specialists.
  • Syllabus Designer.
  • Tutorial designer.
  • Academic Writers or Researchers.
  • Technical Writers.
  • Material consultants.
  • Video Content Creator.

Tips For The Beginners Within The Field Of Content Writing.

I am certain if you have got browsed through it until currently, content writing isn’t simply an off-the-cuff temporary interest for you. For all of you fledging writers, I simply wished to convey my 2 cents on some things. For beginners within the field of content writing with no experience.

  • Read, Read, Read.

Funny because it might sound, the quantity one tip isn’t “write, write, write”. I sincerely feel that solely a well-read person (read: intensive and voracious reader) will infuse a lot of life into her writing.

  • Improve Your Networking.

Attend a lot of seminars, and workshops to know a lot regarding the foremost recent trends and buzz in the trade. They’ll increase your connection with the skilled market.

  • Keep Your  Analysis Base Sturdy.

Articles that are well researched, fresh, and logically brewed go down well with shoppers and readers. Ensure you pay the utmost quantity of your time researching the topic as you are writing it. the Analysis is especially indispensable for technical writing.

  • Maintain A Social Media Presence.

Just as (or more) necessary than networking is being there on all major social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium (social network for writers), Twitter, etc. Social media helps you build your complete and acquire eyeballs for your content.

  • Broaden Your Horizons.

Write altogether niches to broaden your work spheres. Take up each new assignment as a greenhorn challenge: the net could also be an excellent tutor.

  • Keep Evolving.

The content-type keeps ever-changing with the injuries of social media and its trends. From the word, it’s shifted a lot to video content and chatbots. Be ready forever to embrace the changes that return your means and set up them (again by reading up.)

Finally, the most important recommendation to all or any aspiring content writers would be to remain to experiment till you satisfy your artistic urges. The word might be a robust medium of expression of your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and by extension, yourself. Thus, if you see your future in content writing, don’t be afraid to leap, however do therefore solely when a careful analysis of your match with the career. And if you’re unsure, you’ll forever speak with career consultants.


Experience will matter in content writing jobs, like alternative profiles. It additionally fluctuates from one variety to a special, however, if you carry the right quantity of expertise, otherwise you will say if two or three years and possesses exceptional skills, then you’ll rock in the content writing field.

Now let’s discuss what fairly expertise I carry and what package you’ll be ready to expect from the hiring manager. If you’re having industry/freelancing experience of 0-2 years, you’d expect an internet content author wage between 3.5 lakhs a year – 4 lakhs a year.

A content writer having expertise between 2-5 years, will expect an honest quantity of wage, around 5-8 Lakhs a year. If you’re five years of expertise in the content writing field, that indicates you’ll be ready to manage a team of writers to run the content marketing of the company and there’s additionally the prospect of the upgrade of the position to the team lead. And you’ll expect a wage between 9-15 Lakhs a year.


Ques. Is content writing an honest career choice?

Ans. Content writing as a career choice offers Brobdingnagian opportunities since the demand for particular content is growing in the market. Content writing as a career choice offers Brobdingnagian opportunities and since the demand for particular content is growing staggeringly in the market and therefore several content writing jobs are outsourced to such corporations.

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