top 5 ways to keep your facebook group active nad engaged

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Facebook Group Active and Engaged

Creating a connection socially will helpful for everything. The best way of creating a social connection is to stay active on the Social networking websites. Facebook is the most trending and famous social website. If we want to create active connection then we have to keep in touch with our relatives, to our friends and we can easily do this by creating a Facebook group and adding all our known ones in that.


First, you should know about the difference between a Facebook profile or page & group.

Facebook page or profile or group

Socially connecting is beneficial for our profession as well as for our personal life. Few of the businessmen are getting traffic on their respective business from creating a bond with its customers socially. In order to create a virtual bridge between our known people, few people create many groups and then they just interact with their relatives but after a time period their bridge seems to fall and a distance is created among the relatives or among friends. It is very important to stay socially aware and active.

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Here we are providing you Top 5 tips to keep your Facebook group active and engaged so that your bridge remains steady.

1.      Name of the group should be interactive

The very basic and the most important element of your group will be its name. The name will be the first thing which will create an impression on the viewer. If you need that your viewers must take interest in your group then your group name should be special and it should be catchy that can attract traffic or people.

For personal life too, you have to name your group in such a way that it can make your group member release about the memories with you. As creating an emotional relationship will make your bridge stronger and more steady.

2.      Your Group must have some connecting Posts

Another important tip to make your group active and engaged is that your group must have the memories of all the group members so that they can feel comfortable and they can feel that you are connected to them. You should avoid uploading your personal photos or personal posts.

3.      Create catchy & Attractive content

An Important role is played by the content. You have to make sure that your content must be understandable to all and you need to share such type of contents that can not harm anyone’s feeling. You have to think out of the box to make your group interactive and engaged.

4.      Go live on your group or upload old video memories

A Great thing about videos is that these are visual and can make you remember your old memories. To keep your group active you need to upload some old memories with your group members in form of videos. So that they can feel that you are giving them their respective importance. Please make sure that your videos shouldn’t harm anyone’s feeling.

5.      Keep updating Events of meetups with your group members

Another important tip to make your group active is that you have to plan some meet up with your childhood friends.  This will help you to make your bond much stronger and firm. Before planning any event you need to take opinions of every single member of the Group so that they can feel their importance in the group.

By following above-mentioned tips group admins can make their group interactive and can keep their groups active on Facebook.


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