how to create facebook remarketing ad

How to Create a Facebook Remarketing Campaign

How to Create a Facebook Remarketing Campaign

A site is rated to the top if a number of visitors are more. Nowadays the number of sites of same content has been increasing. This creates traffic diversion in sites. One thing that makes your site refocused is by remarketing it.

How to create re marketing campaign

There are several ways to do remarketing. One of the most popular methods is using Facebook. Facebook is the 3rd largest searched site that has been browsing for many years. Using this biggest platform to make your website famous again is the best opportunity ever.

     Steps in creating Facebook remarketing are:

facebook ad manager sagar rastogi

  • Step 1: Facebook ad manager is the option you need to search first. This option is generally seen in the top, right-hand drop down or else you can also make this possible by using “promote” drop down. After this, it is directed to the main page of the manager. Here it asks you to add the Facebook pixel to your site. If you are creating this for the first time, then there will be a small setup video right there.


Facebook Ad Custom Audience

  • Step 2: Next thing deals with the type of audience you need to choose for marketing. The effect of marketing depends upon the type of audience you target. On the top left corner, you will have a drop-down; there you have to select audience.

There are mainly 5 options stating;

  1. All website visitor
  2. People who visit specific pages
  3. Visitor by time spent
  4. From your event
  5. pageview

If you have any confusion in the visiting audience, then you have a customized combination option too. This makes your audience created.

  • Step 3: As now you have your audience created, now the actual campaign begins. Here when you choose “send to people” option you are directed to your Ad set where you have to customize audience, placement, and the budget required for the campaign. Next, you are directed to customize audience based on several factors like geographic location, gender, age, language, interests. You have to know the perfect audience to target according to the stated options. If the targeted audience and the content displayed is perfect, then it is going to be a massive hit.


  • Step 4: The major fun part begins from here. The most important for your remarketing is based on this segment. Here you need to create ads. You should concentrate on the part where your website is lacking. Think of new offers, catchy phrases, to attract the viewers again.


Mention the new things that are included in the website or best information you have. If you are using images to advertise, use simple images instead of spending hours of time with graphics and pictures. The cost of this remarketing in Facebook is very affordable.

Using Facebook as a platform for remarketing your website can help you very much to reach a high scale. As Facebook is the most visited sites your website can become more popular by sharing and liking to it by viewers. This campaign is in the affordable range, simple and it is trustworthy too

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