how to choose user friendly title for blog

How to Choose User-friendly Title for Your Blogs

It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-time blogger or do it occasionally, the question “What’s there in the name?”  Often becomes a hectic task to handle. You have your content and sources well planned and you’re ready to connect the audience, in this scenario choosing a user-friendly title becomes difficult, mostly because you need to have viewers and at the same time want it to be clear and crisp.

How to choose user friendly title

A well-thought title engages the audience to your content and builds the viewer base. The best user-friendly titles come up when you know it’s relevant to the topic.  Revise and contemplate the topic of what you are writing. Have a clear thought about your title.

Begin by asking to ask yourself common questions

Is the title sounding right? Is this the name people will search for? Questions like this will brainstorm you with better ideas.

user friendly title for blogs by sagar rastogi

Let us remember some useful ways to give your blog the best user-friendly title.

  • Know your competitors- The preferred method is to search for other blogs that have the same topic, this will make you clear about your title. There will be words that you can change and make your title stand out ahead of other contenders.

Know your competitors

  • Know your audience- Think about the keywords that internet users are already doing regarding that topic. Your blog will be popular in no time when people will easily find what they are searching for on one website. Also, concentrate on the target audience as it can provide you with keyword hints.

Know your audience

  • Use books or ask friends- Take help from your colleagues. They can be your first audience and may provide you with some interesting titles. Using journals and books to find good names for your blogs will make it unique and clever. Using simple names can be a good way to help people find your blog easily.

use book or ask a friend

  • Make it catchy- Follow this simple rule: Catchy title means more viewers. Make it witty and easy to remember. Again, you have to keep a record that your title describes what your blog is about. Use alliterations and include best possible phrases to build an audience. Better words should be used in both blog title and blog content. How about using synonyms that are popular when searching that word. These methods will provide the best user-friendly title for your blog.

catchy title

Starting with a planned approach will always fetch excellent results, before you start with your whole new blogging experience, remember these tips to make the title and blog more sociable.


  • Make the title is short and to the point. More than 70 character title gets cut off from search engine results
  • Don’t make people search for something they are not looking for, be careful and revise the content and title before publishing
  • Make sure you have quality content, Titles will attract an audience but if the article or blog is not good then the users won’t share it much.

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