how to become digital marketing strategist

How to Become a Digital Marketing Strategist

Become a digital marketing strategist is not big deal !!!


Digital marketing deals with selling a product or service digitally i.e. through the internet. Digital marketing planning is related to creating a marketing strategy for the company. The person who is responsible for making the digital marketing strategy for the company to create a real impact on the bottom line is a digital marketing strategist or simply a digital strategist.

Over the years, the qualifications of and expectations from a digital marketing strategist have changed and so is the work. He/she is required to be a part of marketing, SEO, SEM, website development for an in-depth strategic plan.

If one is knowledgeable about digital and knows how to spot online marketing trends to make analyses, curating your own research; then you can head to be a digital marketing strategist.Your task will be to improve a company’s issues related to digital media and improving its position in search engine results or enhance delivery services.

Some points by which you can become a good digital marketing strategist are:

Digital Marketing Strategy


1. To be able to curate the best plan for the company, the digital marketing strategist must be aware of the company goals. Then only you will be able to take steps on how to achieve these goals. For this, the objectives must be SMART I.e. smart, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely because you must be able to track the progress once your plans are implemented and executed.
Smart Goal

2. Before you start pulling data, thinking of solutions or even working towards this, stop and ponder over few important questions you’ll need to answer as part of your strategy.

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3. A good marketing strategist will be one who will try and understand the customer base of the company. You must always acknowledge the fact that you’ll never know your customers better than they know themselves. For understanding your customers better, go for the data-driven approach through tools like Google Trends and Social Mention which give data as to how customers are behaving as opposed to how you think they’ll behave. A data-driven approach to marketing uncovers new opportunities.

Customer Base


4. The digital marketing strategist is the one who is actually jotting down a plan, a strategy for the company to sell a service or product.So, he himself must be convinced if he too would really buy it after the strategy was implemented.Think of the smartest person you know and try to develop strategies to convince him/her.Then you’ll be able to design best of the best plans for your customers because today’s customers are not only well-versed with what they need, but are smart too.


5. Most important thing for developing an effective strategy is having measurable and quantifiable key performance indicators(KPIs).These are metrics which determine whether or not your campaign is a success.These can be numbers of total sales, revenue etc. But for other metrics, do interview your client.


6. Most important and the last thing is, never be afraid to fail. It’s just a matter of few tweaks to get your work done in the way you want it. So, don’t be demotivated because failure is inevitable.It might take some time, but not your life.

Above were just some of the many key aspects to be undertaken while heading to being a successful digital marketing strategist.

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