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top 5 dm agency in bangalore

Top 5 Digital Marketing Agencies In Bangalore

India is one of the most populated countries on the plant with roughly 120 million having access to the internet. These days, a lot of content that we consume is digital via websites, mobile apps, social media and search engines. It is evident that the companies must use digital marketing strategies as a vital form of marketing. Also, it is important for the marketers to be in constant interaction with the consumers to have knowledge about the change in trends and tastes of the market and consumers. Digital marketing is cost efficient compared to the traditional marketing methods and the chances of tracking the targeted audience have never been easier. The digital revolution has changed the field of marketing. Bangalore is called the silicon valley of India; hence it serves as a digital marketing hub of India.

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Top five digital marketing agencies in Bangalore in India:

People render digital marketing services as it has become an inevitable marketing force to contact the customers. Here in this article, we present the top five digital marketing agencies in Bangalore. The following are considered as leading digital marketing agencies in Bangalore:


  1. Geek creative agency

Located in Indiranagar, the services of this agency can be used for digital broadcast, branding, and advertising. This agency is used to create a strong brand name in the digital market. It is a highly reliable agency to launch a digital marketing campaign. Its main goal is to connect the business to customer and to other businesses and create a buzz and a product name. It has won awards and recognition for its work on Britannia Bourbon’s website and for gaming application for Bunny blues in 2010; it has a creative and compelling outlook on communication.


  1. Alive now

This one is also located in the heart of Indiranagar; this one has an effortless entry into the top five lists as it has leading brands as its clients, some of which are Hyundai, Nandos, ITC, Mahindra and various others.  In the year 2011, within two years of its inception, it won a place in the Businessworld magazines 25 hottest start-ups. Advith Dhuddu the founder and CEO won many awards and was India Today’s cover in 2012 as the youngest CEO in the top 20 entrepreneurs.


  1. DigitalLove

Located in Domlur, it channels its services to CEOs and many marketing professionals and training them. Its main goal is to minimize the cost of marketing and optimize the use of profits. It is a Google certified partner and a leading provider for SEM, SEO and SMO training.


  1. Digicliff

It is one of the oldest agencies in the market but has secured some of the world’s biggest corporations as its clients, its innovative campaigns result in creating a distinct brand name for its clients.


  1. WebChutney

It is located in Richmond Road, Bangalore. It has over 200 digital marketing professionals across India’s cities drawing consumers and satisfying their versatile needs. It offers services to Airtel, Barclays, Proctor, and Gamble.

Therefore, these are the top 5 digital marketing agencies that determine the outlook of the world of digital marketing agencies in Bangalore

Sagar Rastogi

Sagar Rastogi is a Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant from Delhi, India. He is also an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Trainer in the field of Digital Marketing from last 3 years. Learn digital marketing tips at this blog Contact him or learn more about him from this page. You can follow me on Twitter, Friend me on Facebook and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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